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Employing world-class innovation.

As the first company listed on the Infrastructure Enterprises Market in China, we had twenty-one No.1 records in the World Construction History. We are the “integrated provider for the construction and operation of urban infrastructure”, which is widely recognized by the global EPC market. Established in 1965 and over 50 years’ of entrepreneurial history, STEC continuously attracts talents from all over the world and expands its business. Our core industries cover 9 areas including tunnel rail transit, road and bridge, architecture and real estate, power, water treatment, major equipment and green Material.

STEC holds the highest AAA financial credit rating in China, first-class investment company in China’s infrastructure industry, 5 design institutes with expert qualification grade in survey & design, 10 construction branches whereby 2 have expert grade qualifications and 8 have grade A qualified construction enterprise. In the meantime, we own the highest A1 construction qualification in Singapore, Grade A qualification for foreign aid projects etc. We are the “integrated provider for the construction and operation of urban infrastructure”, based on construction and operations that are developed nationwide and employed worldwide. Our intelligent management system of an all-in-one provider of consulting, planning, investment, construction, operations, maintenance, and upgrade, STEC provides a fully comprehensive industrial service to clients. The company covers 15 overseas markets, including Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Poland, and Angola. The total number of major projects both completed and in construction reaches over 500 around the world. The annual business turnover achieved more than 50 billion yuan and we invested more than 80 billion yuan in infrastructures over the past three years.Looking to the future, STEC will keep alive the concept of “Upholding a City Dream, Creating an Ideal Life” and strive for building scientific and sustainable urban life.

We are the Implementer of Urban Construction and Operation

Exploring boldly within and beyond the specialized field of municipal engineering, by virtue of our technical experience of more than 50 years; STEC guarantees the delivery of major and mega infrastructure engineering projects. We approach and execute our operations in an organized and safe manner, from investment to design, construction and finalization. We can create and construct the cities of your ideas and dreams.

We are the Designer of Urban Functionality and Space Utilization

Our success is attributed to careful planning and the understanding of the needs of the modern urban centers. We consider the urban space for living and function. We design, develop, upgrade and recreate the city space with creativity and understanding of the urban environment.

We Lead in the Pioneering of Green Material Utilization and Future Architecture

STEC (Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.) has led innovation and research into the concept of green construction. We develop building-industrialization-led green construction technologies and products, renewable building materials, and green functional materials. We advocate the concept of a harmonious and flowing interaction between people and buildings to facilitate a comfortable living environment.

We are a Service Provided for Urban Management Upgrading, Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

We strive to build a new city model for modern living. Providing intelligent infrastructure and operation services which can meet the demand of modern urban management, establishing a more advanced, secure and intelligent city.

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