In 1965 when China largely promoted national defense development, “Shanghai Tunnel Project Company”, the predecessor of STEC, was established. It became the founder of soft soil tunnel in China, and led the country’s tunnel industry for decades.


In August 1965, Shanghai Tunnel Project Company was officially established in former Shanghai Municipal Council on Hankou road. At first, it was a secret military unit researching for large tunnel and high-end equipment, with designation “4046”.


In June 1971, Shanghai Dapu Road Tunnel, China’s first large cross-river tunnel built by STEC, started operation. The spirit of striving for the best at that time became STEC’s initial culture. 


In May 1979, STEC switched to become an independent business accounting company and undertook “Water Diversion Project at The Upstream of Huangpu River in Shanghai” on contract basis for the first time after five years. This marks the beginning of STEC’s marketing strategy to sustain innovation and create value for cities.