STEC’s Core Values

Cultural Characteristics, Sustainable Innovation, Face Towards the World, Pursue Excellence, Create Value

STEC’s corporate purpose is very simple, that is, to realize each city and resident’s dreams by creating best quality products and services, build a better city by adopting the best talents and techniques.

Sustain Innovation

In STEC’s opinion, change and innovation is of crucial importance to a company’s growth, in the present fast pace global economy. Only through continuous innovation can we realize a company’s sustainable development. Throwing our sights to the future development, we analyze the market, innovate based on the market needs, and create our own strength to boost long-term development.

Target World

Currently, more than 75% of the employees in STEC’s overseas branches like Singapore and India are foreigners. “To serve each market with the best suitable resources” has always been the core concept for STEC to develop at home and abroad. With the goal of becoming the leading international infrastructure company, STEC is devoted to accomplishing the most competitive resource allocation through global vision and to achieving a better development on the global stage through the company’s internationalization.

Exceed Excellence

All STEC has been doing is to provide the best quality and service for cities, clients and the public, as a firm keeping to its promise, relentless in pursuing excellence. Pursuing excellence means continuous hard work, and striving for perfect. Never be complacent, go beyond ourselves, and self-realization is our motto to motivate us for a better development and a better future.

Create Value

In STEC’s opinion, project completion isn’t our ultimate goal. Our biggest wish is to serve clients and cities to create value for the society. Creating effective and continuous value is the key for our development. STEC commits to partnering with clients, growing together with clients and creating the most valuable products for clients, cities, shareholders, public and our employees.

Core Value

Benefitting People, Realizing Values
STEC holds the opinion that it’s a dialectical unity between benefitting people and realizing values.
  • Benefitting People
  • ● Benefitting Society and Residents. STEC’s core industries include city tunnels, rail transport, roads, bridges, buildings, energy, and water treatment. These are all closely connected with people’s livelihood, benefitting the society as well as the people. The city’s functions and safety are upgraded, while residents living in the city can have a smarter, safer and more convenient lifestyle.
  • ● Benefitting Owners and Clients. STEC is dedicated to providing quality projects, products and value-added services to meet the demands of the owners and clients, to maximize their profits.
  • ● Benefitting Shareholders and Employees. As a listed company, STEC’s stable development and annual large-scale projects’ construction and investment requires a large sum of money. Public assistance expanded the company’s financing channels. Benefitting shareholders will improve company’s business performance, guarantee and increase shareholders’ dividends, and share development opportunities with shareholders and investors. In addition, human resources are the top resource for a company’s development. Benefitting employees not only includes maintaining and increasing employees’ salaries and welfare, but also providing more training and opportunities to prove themselves, and creating opportunities for employees’ career development.
  • Self Realization
  • ● Realizing company values to become urban infrastructure integrated service provider.
  • ● Realizing employees’ values. Self-realization by employee during company’s development.

Corporate Spirit

Hard Work and Dedication, Striving for Excellence.

Since company’s establishment, “Hard Work and Dedication, Striving for Excellence.” has always been STEC’s corporate spirit, which is also what STEC has learnt through past years’ development. Because of this spirit, generations of STEC staff dedicated themselves to building a new life for cities and residents. 50 years ago, we were the ones to develop China’s soft soil tunnel industry. Those achievements were possible not only because of our core competence, but also our corporate spirit. With these, we have today’s STEC, leader of the industry.

Embodying Values

Expanding Spaces, Shortening Distance, Connecting the Future with Tunnels

“Expanding Spaces, Shortening Distance, Connecting the Future with Tunnels” are the embodied values behind STEC’s vision to become an integrated service provider. We provide integrated value-added service for urban construction and operation, shorten cities’ distances at the same time bringing people closer, thus building a new city, economic zone and harmonized city communities. Connecting the future with tunnels means STEC creates a time tunnel connecting present and future with integrated service, implying our persistence in sustainable development.

STEC’s Corporate Vision

To Become Leading International and Domestic Urban Infrastructure Integrated Service Provider

STEC pays great attention to urban infrastructure construction. Based on the needs of cities and clients, with basic focus to enhancing city values, STEC is dedicated to providing a chain of value-added services from design and investment to construction and management, through service integration, core technology and competitive operation mode.

STEC’s Corporate Purpose

Upholding a City Dream, Creating an Ideal Life.

STEC’s corporate purpose is really simple. That is, using the best talent and technology to create quality products and services to realize each city and residents’ dreams, and to create a better city life.

STEC’s Business Principles

We operate legally, and honestly.

We comply with the laws of fair competition and business ethics.

We abide by all the laws and competition orders in regions and markets. We won’t use illegal means to earn profits. We operate our business fairly and morally.

We maintain a transparent operation of the financial system through a standardized management system.

We focus on the specification, legality, authenticity, integrity and accuracy of financial information, and strongly emphasize financial management’s control in business activities. We adhere to the management concept that there are ways to make money, collect money, use money, save money and manage money, effectively combining the financial management and business operation.

We cooperate and implement efficiently.

We emphasize the importance of teamwork and synergy between employees.

We place great importance on keeping promises, discussing targets, complementing advantages, sharing resources and information, solving problems and sharing risks between companies and employees. With common goals and team concept, we want to enhance synergies, promote the whole industry chain, mutual responsibility between individuals, mutual cooperation, mutual support and mutual service, in close collaboration, making up for each other’s weaknesses and thus forming a strength.

We emphasize executional abilities of the management, diligence and efficiency.

We pay attention to each company and employee’s ability to implement the project. By setting clear goals, and responsibilities, implementing the system and process, supervising and precise operation, we achieve management goals with stringent responsibility, powerful execution and effective actions.

We adhere carefully to value-added and gratifying service promise throughout the whole process.

We adhere to "all-round" thinking.

Founded on the beliefs of meeting the needs of urban development and achieving high added value, we strive and innovate continuously, not only to provide quality service for city development, but also to provide comprehensive services with multi products, multi types, and multi stratum.

We pursue value creation during "the whole process".

We continue to focus on the whole process of urban infrastructure construction, implementing service values into each process, such as planning, design, construction, and operation, in pursuit of providing high quality values for urban development.

We emphasize the ability to solve all problems with our "one stop" service.

Through process remaking and optimizing, we integrate industry chain resources such as investment, design, construction, management and maintenance, to provide a package of solutions to city development, and to achieve the best quality, and value-added effective professional services.

We value the concept of "personalized" needs to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

We continue to tap the demand for urban development and make targeted optimizing plans according to different cities’ development stages. We desire to meet the different needs of urban development through personalized services and eventually to stir clients’ hearts with excellent products and personalized services beyond customers’ expectations. We aim to satisfy investors with returns beyond their expectations.

We adhere to mutual cooperation and a win-win situation.

We establish a symbiotic partnership.

We are committed to the establishment of a partnership of mutual trust and transform business partners to strategic partners. We promote the spirit of symbiotic win-win, harmonious development, and work hard with partners together to promote the industry’s long-term development and city progress.

We treat our peers with a competitive and win-win attitude.

We adhere to the competitive belief of "race" rather than "fight", promoting a competitive and win-win situation. We face challenges with positive attitude, view cooperation with a broadened mind, treat all shareholders with an open attitude, and ensure all partners, and industry peers share in the industry value chain and growing dividends.

We respect our customers, shareholders and employees.

Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

We take the customer’s and city’s needs seriously, provide customers with quality projects and services and meet customers’ needs and expectations. We establish an effective feedback system, with an open mind to accept suggestions and complaints, to win the customer's long-term trust.

We actively pursue a management model which enhances the value of shareholders.

We respect the rights of shareholders, their reasonable needs and ideas. We try to enhance the company’s market value through prudent management, and to create long-term benefits for shareholders and stakeholders. We refuse to pursue short-term profit at the expense of long-term development.

We strive to create a better future for our employees.

Based on the principles of fairness, care, and assistance, we offer each employee equal opportunities and treat them fairly. We provide various platforms and mechanisms for their self-development. We motivate employees to innovate and develop together with them.

We care for the city, the environment and its safety.

We focus on green living and sustainable development.

We comply with the laws and regulations on environmental protection, and in all aspects of development, design, construction, operation and maintenance, we strive to protect the urban environment. We are committed to research and promote the green and sustainable development in the industry, and advocate the scientific and lasting development of the city and the company.

We value the protection of city's historical and cultural heritage.

In our view, the most attractive city is unique in culture. In the long term process of urban development and upgrading, we respect the history and culture of each city. We are dedicated to the city’s development and reconstructing its blueprint with urban characteristics and endowment.

We emphasize on the safe operation and healthy development of the city.

We comply with international and domestic security laws, regulations and management standards. We never cease to pay attention to quality and safety, taking the city and people into consideration. We continuously improve the safety of urban construction and operation, and living environment of city residents and company employees through strengthening the implementation of the system and safety education. We prevent accidents, and create a satisfactory working and development environment for every stakeholder.

We are a responsible corporate citizen.

We fulfill the basic obligations of corporate citizens faithfully.

We strive to improve the responsibility and obligation of the regional market, create employment opportunities, build a safe working environment, pay taxes according to regulations, operate in accordance with laws, and repay the society.

We fulfill corporate social responsibility actively.

We adhere to the organizational unity of fulfilling economic and social responsibilities. While developing ourselves, we never forget the estate on which we survive and develop. We have been contributing to the society in various ways.

STEC’s Values

Management Fundamental Belief: everything is based on "talents" and "innovation"

STEC values talents and technological innovation. We aim to increase the synergy of the overall management system with "talents" and "innovation". We improve services to build a better city in the future.

Internal Goal: To Create the Best Products and Services

To create the best products and provide satisfactory service to customers and the city

To maintain the leading position in the industry at home and abroad

External Goal: To Contribute to Society

To contribute to the common good, the beautiful city and urban living