STEC Won the Bidding of RMB 5.2 Billion for Mumbai Metro


On June 9, SUCG International Engineering Co., Ltd. affiliated to STEC received the letter of acceptance from Mumbai Metro-Rail Corporation Limited. The joint venture formed by STEC and Larsen & Toubro Limited successfully won the bidding for Lot 1 and Lot 7 of Mumbai Metro Project phase III, with the total amount of RMB 5258 million. It is the first order for metro project that STEC won in Mumbai, the biggest city in India, since it entered the Indian market.
The total distance of Lot 1 and Lot 7 of Mumbai Metro Project phase III is about 6.03 km, covering 7 underground railway stations, 8 two-way block shield tunnel, 2 shield working shafts and related mechanical and electrical installation and decoration engineering. It is estimated that the whole construction task will be completed within the following five years.
Recent years witnessed stable political situation and rapid economic development of India. As an overseas-funded enterprise, STEC’s win of the order for metro project of such a large amount is benefited from the national policy followed by Indian government to enhance the infrastructure level on a large scale in recent years, and it is also inseparable from STEC’s outstanding ability to provide high-quality construction outcomes and services.
In India, STEC attaches great importance to project quality and safety management. It has been striving to provide top-notch services for its customers by making use of the advanced management concepts, standard operating mode, and international talent system and accumulated rich market resources.
STEC constructed Chennai Metro phase I UAA04 project in Chennai, an ancient city having thousand years of history in India. The metro tunnel passes through several major protective historical buildings and vast residential areas. Its humanized engineering management measures effectively reduce the influence of construction on local residents' daily life while ensuring the safety of surrounding buildings. This project is awarded the Health and Safety Award by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
STEC constructed the Airport Express C5 Project in New Delhi, the capital of India, with perfect construction scheme and state-of-the-art technologies. This project that was completed ahead of schedule up to standard of high level and high quality is the first trail transit project of engineering construction completed ahead of prescribed time limit in the locality. Consequently, Chinese enterprises impressed customers of India with their “high efficiency”.
In May of last year, 19 domestic entrepreneurs including Zhang Yan, secretary of the Party committee and President of STEC met Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India by invitation during his visit to China. They hold a round-table conference regarding how to deepen the industry economic cooperation between India with China. During the conference, Prime Minister Modi made it clear that that India will relax the restrictions on government engineering project construction of Chinese enterprises in India and support Chinese enterprises in participating in local infrastructure construction in the patterns of PPP, BOT, etc; and it will further support Chinese enterprises in merger and acquisition of local enterprises and participating in upgrading of local related industry, work together and cooperate to promote economic growth and achieve win-win cooperation.
In future, STEC will, on the basis of strengthening and expansion of EPC business of metro project, focus on development of rail transit construction business in large and medium-sized cities in India and open new blue ocean market in the environmental improvement field such as ground and river-way treatment, water pollution control and rainwater regulation.