We win the first battle in 2019!


STEC has won first cross-sea channel with bid price of 3,800 million yuan and made record in the field of super-span tunnel.
STEC?has?won?section?I?of?Engineering?Procurement?Construction?in?the?Mawan?Cross-sea?Channel?(Yueliangwan?Avenue?–?Yanjiang expressway)?in?Shenzhen?with?bid?price?of?3,800?million?yuan.?When?the?construction?of?cross-sea?shield?tunnel?section?with?length?of?2km?is?finished,?the?project?will?become?a?first?cross-sea?tunnel?in?Shenzhen,?which?means?that?STEC’s?shield?tunnel?with?super-large?diameter?of?over?14m?accounts?for?60%?shares?in?the Chinese?market.

Mawan Cross-sea Channel
Yueliangwan Avenue – Yanjiang expressway is north-south, and is from the intersection between Mawan Avenue and Yueliangwan Avenue in the south. It connects with Mawan Avenue overpass, and passes through Qianhaiwan sea area along the north and ends at Dachan Bay highway toll station and intersection between Jinwan Avenue and Xixiang Avenue. Total length of the route in two areas: Qianhai Mawan and Baoan Dachan Bay is 8.05km, including Qianhai section of 2.5km, sea section of 1.1km and Dachan Bay section of 4.45km.
Section I of Engineering Procurement Construction in the STEC includes left single-hole shield tunnel in sea section of 2,060, open cut tunnel in Qianhai section of 820m, and supporting well, road and accessory structure.

Making “Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” become more perfect
As first cross-sea tunnel in Shenzhen, construction of Mawan Cross-sea Channel is significance of traffic organization in overall Nanshan District, Shenzhen. To improve “Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” – external road network of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen, Mawan Cross-sea Channel finished will carry out freight traffic in Nanshan port (Mawan, Chiwan, Shekou) and passenger transport of Mawan, Chiwan and Dachan Bay, and realizes “separation of passenger and cargo” of Qianhai external traffic.

Container trucks in western port area can be directly travelled on the Yanjiang expressway through Mawan Cross-sea Channel, so Yueliangwan Avenue, North ring road, and G107 highway are released. At that time, traffic pressure of Yueliangwan Avenue and North ring road crossing Nanshan high street will be eased, thus reducing traffic stress of overall Nanshan urban area.

“Multiple-effect” makes the future better
Except for great traffic benefits, after construction of Mawan Cross-sea Channel, what are benefits for Shenzhen?
After “separation of passenger and cargo”, residents along Yueliangwan Avenue does not need to bear noise pollution and waste pollution of container trucks. For example, residents of Yiyunbanshan and China Overseas Property Yangguang Meigui Community at the intersection of Yueliangwan Avenue and Gangcheng Road are affected by noise during driving of container trucks, and barn “shock” from immoral driver. After construction of Mawan Cross-sea Channel, this phenomenon will be better eased.
In addition, tens of thousands of container trucks are reduced in Yueliangwan Avenue, and emission of exhaust gas will be reduced. Container trucks arrive in Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway along the river, and residents around Nanshan, Qianhai, Baoan G107 highway will be benefited from environmental protection.

Cost effectiveness
After construction of Mawan Cross-sea Channel, container trucks of Shekou and Shiwan ports can directly arrive in highway along the river, which has reduced traveling distance and saved fuel and time, thus reducing transport cost. The port logistics industry is one of economic driving forces in Nanshan district, so port logistics transport cost has been saved, benefits have been increased, contributions to Nanshan economic development have been made.

For Nanshan and Qianhai, construction of Mawan Cross-sea Channel, except for relieving traffic pressure in Qianhai center area, brings environmental protection benefits, especially great land efficiency. Container trucks are travelling along Mawan Cross-sea Channel, which will increase value of the land along Yueliangwan Avenue and Xinghai Avenue. Moreover, Xinghai Avenue with length of 3km from Yueliangwan Avenue to the highway along the river can be released, so more valuable land resources can be offered for Qianhai.

Future promise for Shenzhen

Mawan Cross-sea Channel, as the first composite stratum shield tunneling with super diameter, needs a deep foundation pit with length of 40m and complex formation with shield diameter of 15.43m, travels through dam and caisson quay wall, fracture zone with high water permeability, and soft soil improvement area, and experiences cutter change with high water pressure. This means that the construction has high technical difficulty and construction risk.

SETC will make use of core technologies and rich experiences in large-diameter shield tunnel construction field to ensure establishment of Mawan Cross-sea Channel. Until now, our constructors have built over 10 super-large diameter tunnels, including Wuhan Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel, Zhuhai Maliuzhou Cross-sea Tunnel, and Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel, and 62% of super-large diameter tunnels in China has been built by us. Therefore, we have rich experiences in construction of large shield and precise underground structures, compound stratum construction, and cross-sea construction of large shield.