Long distance race and playing cricket are spare time activities of our overseas employees at weekend!


Over the years, “cultural integration” has become the emphasis during cultural construction of STEC SUCGI. Overseas first-line employees spend the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Diwali and Christmas to seek collision and blend during cultural exchange. At present, there are over 800 international employees from 11 countries and regions in STEC SUCGI, in which foreign employees account for 90%. International team provides international vision and working atmosphere, promotes market-oriented and international operating capability of STEC SUCGI, and provides better urban infrastructure for more cities in the world.

Participate in charity run
The branch of STEC SUCGI in Hong Kong has a long-distance team which has participated in many long-distance charity activities. The team runs around Hong Kong, and gets healthy and participates in public welfare program by running.

Let’s play cricket!
Cricket originates from British, and prevails in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. According to the statistics, over 700 million people in total population of 1,200 million people pay cricket four times at least one year, and 85% of total population will focus on the cricket game. You still do not know what is cricket? It doesn't matter. Let’s watch the cricket game of employees in STEC SUCGI.

An unfamiliar festival
Diwali Festival is called DIWALI in local language and is a significant traditional festival in India. To welcome Diwali Festival, every family in India will light candles or oil lamps, because light candles or oil lamps symbolize a bright, prosperous and happy future. Diwali is a symbol of "light over darkness, good over evil" festival.

In the Diwali Festival this year, employees in Indian regional center in STEC SUCGI of put on national dress, light candles, customize the office table, and pose in the office.