STEC always place talents as our priority, and regard employees’ intellect as company’s treasure. We intend to create a diverse environment for talent development and provide employees sufficient opportunities so as to inspire them. We cherish distinctive talents, and we offer targeted training program for rookies, youth talents, senior managers and core talents to help employees improve their working capabilities, develop their skills and inspire them. 

Training Program

New Employee Orientation

The project offers orientation and career development guidance for every new STEC employee in Shanghai and other markets. New employees can learn more about STEC, such as the company’s strategy, culture, and management through training every year. They can also get a clear picture about their career path. We want to help rookies adapt to the team as soon as possible and start a new career.

Employee Assistance Program

STEC works with a professional psychological consultation organization every year, to offer employees a series of systematic and long-term benefits and support. By evaluating employees’ occupational health psychology, we can help them to get to know themselves better and plan a more reasonable career path. The project is also available to staff from all levels and offers professional guidance, training and consultation on career development. By creating an effective and healthy working environment, we endeavor to help employees solve various psychological and behavior problems, so as to improve their working performance.