STEC is a leader in the green prefabricated building industry and the only company with a national housing industrialization R&D department in Shanghai. With our PC (Precast Concrete) technology, BIM (Building Information Modeling) process and our advantage of a complete industrial construction chain we provide clients with investment, detailed design, construction, installation and manufacturing of PC construction components for civil and commercial buildings.

We built several 5A office brands and high-end residential brands; among them is “Ruishi”, one of the representative brands, ranked No. 1 in brand value of Chinese real estate projects. STEC total development now exceeds 13 million square meters,.

Meanwhile, as one of the earliest state-owned enterprises to construct affordable housing, STEC is committed to creating livable spaces, matching different levels of demand, accumulating construction of over 6.1 million square meters of affordable housing.

Major Projects

Jiangxi Nanchang Red Valley Ruishi Inner City Square

Jiangxi Nanchang Red Valley Ruishi Inner City SquareNanchang Jiangxi Red Valley Rui Shi inter city square

Business Section:Real Estate
Location:Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
Project Completion Date: 01, 2015
Construction Mode:BOT
Project Category:Complex Development