STEC has completed a number of power projects, including the Shanghai section of the west to east city gas pipeline project, and as the main contractor of the power network design and construction of nearly all of the high-rise buildings in Yangtze River Delta. As the leading company in this field, STEC holds records as being amongst the first and best in large-diameter high-pressure non-plugging, super high-rise, super-long distance, trenchless design and constructor of an urban power network. In line with the needs for green energy, we use our experience in power infrastructure and resources to build LNG (liquefied natural gas) storage facilities, LNG terminal construction, large city gas pipelines, power plants, and other similar energy facility services.

Major Projects

Shanghai Pudong Foreshore Natural Gas Decentralized Energy Project

Shanghai Pudong Foreshore Natural Gas Decentralized Energy ProjectShanghai Pudong foreshore natural gas distributed energy projects

Business Section: Energy
Location: Shanghai
Project Starting Date:April, 2015
Participating Mode: Managing Contractor
Project Category:Energy Station