Underground space is expected to be a huge and abundant space resource for future urban development. STEC has accumulated unique experience in the development and utilization of deep underground space projects, such as the Shanghai subway interchange of 4 subway lines converging at Century Avenue Station, the interchange hub of 3 subway lines and 5 floors at Xujiahui, and a comprehensive development of the underground space at the World Expo Park. Thanks to our ideal solutions and good working system, we won the trust of Shanghai Municipal Government, for the past 50 years STEC has had the opportunities to build the ongoing underground civil defense and disaster readiness projects and help the government design and develop the urban comprehensive disaster prevention system of the Shanghai government. 

In the future, STEC will focus on the mulit-dimensional space of modern cities, providing optimal plans for underground resource development with principles of high design, convenient connection and the optimal utilization of space

Major Projects

Shanghai Metro 4-line Transfer Hub: Century Avenue Station

Shanghai Metro 4-line Transfer Hub: Century Avenue StationShanghai rail transit line 4 line transfer hub

Business Section:Rail Transport Station
Project Completion Date:2008
Participating Mode:Managing Contractor
Project Scale:Floor Area of 36,300 square meters

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