Under the support of national ‘863 program’, STEC successfully developed the first domestic shield TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) using independent intellectual properties named Xianxing,with a diameter of 6.34m, based on which we also developed a large diameter slurry shield machine-named Jinyue with a diameter of 11.22m and co-developed other shield machines of varying diameters. STEC works effectively to make up the lack of technology of domestic shield machine design and manufacturing. Till date, STEC has developed nearly 200 domestic shield machines and these devices have been successfully sold to Singapore, India, Hong Kong. 

Major Projects

11.83m x 7.27m Earth Pressure Balance Rectangular Shield

11.83m x 7.27m Earth Pressure Balance Rectangular Shield11.83m x 7.27m earth pressure balance shield machine

Business Section:Major Equipment
Production Place: Shanghai
Production Time:2015
Representative Project:Ningbo Metro Line 3