After developing for more than half a century, and completing thousands of major construction projects, STEC is able to win the long-term co-operation of clients with flawless performance. Behind the good reputation of fulfilling each task perfectly and on time is STEC’s advanced ability of integrated management, strength of technological innovation, support of human capital and global vision. With these strengths, we make clients’ dreams come true and provide value-added services continuously.

To build good quality projects by employing the best integrated management ability.

  • Systematic Project Integrated Management System

    Relying on China’s most advanced management platform of smart engineering information, STEC is able to collect and analyze all core data such as each EPC’s process, materials’ usage and technical difficulties through remote information collection technology and professional management system. This can help detect and control the risk in real time. Thanks to the company’s global management network, STEC can provide the most advanced equipment and professional guidance for each front line project; the best solutions to make sure every client is well satisfied.

  • Timely delivery

    Over the past years, STEC is devoted to ensuring real-time communication between clients and contractors, projects’ on time or in advance fulfillment and also to maximizing clients’ profits by adopting systematic delivery management system, precise working style, and the concept of “customer always comes first”. This also earned STEC a good reputation in the industry.

  • The Best Quality Control System in China

    As the first batch of construction companies to be awarded ISO certification and Quality Management Award in China, STEC offers customers stable quality and first-class projects through an industry-recognized management system with quality control abilities. We also offer after-service support for customers after project completion.