After developing for more than half a century, and completing thousands of major construction projects, STEC is able to win the long-term co-operation of clients with flawless performance. Behind the good reputation of fulfilling each task perfectly and on time is STEC’s advanced ability of integrated management, strength of technological innovation, support of human capital and global vision. With these strengths, we make clients’ dreams come true and provide value-added services continuously.

To create maximum value for clients.

  • Leading the industry with cutting-edge technological reserves

    Since its establishment, STEC develops cutting-edge technology 3 to 5 years ahead of the industry and spears the industry’s technology development with its rich frontier technologies. This can be attributed to the leading technological innovation system, which is led by STEC Central Research and Development Center, and national-level research institutes. STEC now develops advanced technologies such as GPST…Shield Method Tunnel, supreme large fracture section rectangle tunnel, solid waste recycling and renewable concrete and underground parking. These can all be the most advanced solutions to future cities.

  • Upgrading of market-oriented applicable technology

    While developing frontier technologies, STEC is devoted to standardizing applicable technologies and upgrading traditional technologies to provide the most effective and the most feasible personalized solutions to maximize projects’ value, under the guide of innovative strategies such as letting frontline employees develop products, and competent employees developing technologies. This is accomplished through the help of the group’s subsidiary companies and professional technical platforms, and taking the industry’s development trend and market’s actual needs into consideration.

  • China’s Highest-ranking Scientific Research and Development Institution

    Currently, STEC has three national research and development institutions, 10 municipal R&D centers, two postdoctoral stations, and three academician workshops. For the past consecutive five years, 3% of total business revenue was invested in R&D. Compared to other similar enterprises in the industry, we have the highest-ranking R&D institutions, and we invest the most in this area. For the past three years, STEC has been involved in 51 national and provincial research projects. Our scientific research ability is widely recognized, as over 20 national and provincial scientific and technological achievement awards were presented to us, ranking first among others in Shanghai.