After developing for more than half a century, and completing thousands of major construction projects, STEC is able to win the long-term co-operation of clients with flawless performance. Behind the good reputation of fulfilling each task perfectly and on time is STEC’s advanced ability of integrated management, strength of technological innovation, support of human capital and global vision. With these strengths, we make clients’ dreams come true and provide value-added services continuously.

To provide reliable guarantee to achieve clients’ goals with abundant human resources

  • Support of Core Talents

    STEC possesses rich human resources, from talented leaders, professors and senior engineers, CIOB royal chartered builders to professional investors, designers, constructors and operators. Led by 10 Shanghai leading professionals and over 80 senior engineers who are paid special allowances by the State Council, this talented group of personnel take an active role in setting up industry standards, leading industry’s development and offering authoritative solutions to complicated problems. The professional project manager team, which has more than 1,100 national registered builders are dedicated to ensuring the successfully implementation of the project, with their extensive overall management and construction experience on major projects, and abilities to deal with emergencies. Meanwhile, STEC employs various registered designers and financial investors, who can provide reliable guarantee for clients to achieve their goals, providing thoughtful and professional services.

  • One Thousand Talents’ Training Program

    STEC provides young employees with a fair, open and systematic selection, training and developing platform. For example, a typical employee grooming program is the one thousand talents’ training program, aimed to select 1,000 outstanding employees, under 30 years’ old and having bachelor degree or above, into the professional talent pool. Through a continuous 3-years stint of mentor-apprentice training, internal system investment, design, construction, maintenance of upstream and downstream enterprises, including several positions and cross industry rotation, and also overseas projects’ training, 300 young talents and 100 professionals will be selected to form a professional talent team to provide global vision and comprehensive solutions for the industry’s sustainable development.