After developing for more than half a century, and completing thousands of major construction projects, STEC is able to win the long-term co-operation of clients with flawless performance. Behind the good reputation of fulfilling each task perfectly and on time is STEC’s advanced ability of integrated management, strength of technological innovation, support of human capital and global vision. With these strengths, we make clients’ dreams come true and provide value-added services continuously.

To achieve the most competitive resource allocations through a global perspective

  • Global Operations

    In June 2014, STEC established its own cross-border RMB two-way cash pool in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone, which could help with our centralized management of cross-border RMB fund and our financing cost. This can also let us to provide better investing and financing services for our domestic and foreign clients and projects. Our branches in Singapore, India, Poland, Africa and other six domestic regions are now gradually becoming independent regional markets’ centers.

  • The Best Resource Allocation System

    Currently in STEC’s overseas markets like Singapore and India, over 75% of the employees are foreigners. “To use the most suitable resource to serve the market” is now becoming the core ideal for STEC to boost its regional markets. Founded with the “city’s infrastructure construction and operation service provider” as our strategic position, STEC is trying to track and allocate the best technique, employee, equipment and materials around the world for clients and projects, through advanced IT and headquarters’ backend system. We now also offer scientific decisions and solutions for each market and project through our online engineering platform.